Ox Roast

East St. Frederick, MD 1880's

A Brief History of our namesake,
the Frederick & Pennsylvania Line Railroad:


In January, 1866, organizers met in Frederick to discuss chartering a railroad from the District of Columbia to the Pennsylvania State line thru Frederick.

In March 1867 the Maryland General Assembly passed an Act to incorporate the Frederick & Pennsylvania Line Railroad (F&PL). The F&PL was authorized to raise $1 million in capital to construct a railroad from Frederick City, Maryland, through Frederick and Carroll counties to the Maryland and Pennsylvania line, in the direction of Littlestown, Pennsylvania. The charter also required the F&PL to make connections with the Western Maryland Railroad and required the company to commence construction by March 1870.

On July 29, 1869, the railroad celebrated the start of construction near Woodsboro, Maryland by roasting an Ox. 

Between January 1870 and September 1872, the Frederick and Pennsylvania Line Railroad was built through Frederick County connecting the towns of Taneytown, Ladiesburg, Woodsboro, Walkersville and Frederick, MD.

In the 143 plus years that followed, this railroad line greatly influenced the life and prosperity of these towns and the region. Its operation and influence continues today.

For a detailed F&PL RR history written by FPL Museum visit:

1873 Railroad Map

From 1876 company letter 


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