The Frederick & Pennsylvania Line Railroad Museum now turns to the public for financial support to purchase and preserve the railroad and preserve and interpret related agricultural and industrial history in Frederick County.

Our core goal and mission is to ensure these cultural assets are available for everyone today and for future generations. Funds from this campaign will be used for several immediate and significant capital projects, they are:

  1. Acquire the State owned seven mile railroad property between Frederick And Woodsboro. See photos on left and video at bottom of page. Goal, $1,500,000.00
  2. Acquire, build or renovate a museum building and property in the Walkersville, Woodsboro areas. Goal, $500,000.00
  3. Negotiate an agreement with a qualified operator to supply and run the trains providing a high level tourist train experience.
  4. Improvements and maintenance to the museum property, track,  bridges and structures

Other projects supported by the endowment include:

  • Acquire and restore railroad & agricultural equipment
  • Establish outdoor historic markers at important local sites          
  • Acquire and archive historic railroad and industrial artifacts, documents, photographs and maps.
  • Volunteer development
  • Research & documentation to update the Maryland Inventory of Historic Properties.
  • Expand and grow our virtual museum platforms.
  • Support the efforts to grow and maintain technical internship programs with local universities.
  • Community outreach & support to other charitable organizations

While the museum seeks unrestricted, general gifts, we are happy to receive restricted gifts or pledges directed to a specific project. We are pleased to discuss donations to any portion of our mission goals. Please go to our donation page for details.

Gifts, donations and pledges of any size and type are accepted and greatly appreciated. Gifts of $1000. or more receive recognition on the Campaign Wall in the future museum lobby and this web site as well as an annual pass to ride the trains. 

Corporate sponsorships available. Naming opportunities are available at higher levels. 

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We are excited to announce the 2016 - 2021 

"Build the Museum"  Capital Campaign

The overall goal of Capital Campaign is to raise $5,000.000 to establish an endowment for the purchase and care of the railroad line, a museum building and other long term projects.

Your support will strengthen and grow the organization while developing a permanent, unique, historic and educational heritage area in Frederick County, MD. ​​

The Frederick & Pennsylvania Line Railroad Museum, Inc is the only non profit, 501(c)3 tax exempt, charitable and educational organization leading the efforts to purchase and preserve the rail line. 

The 150th anniversary of the railroad's first operation is 2022. Lets get it done before 2022!

Photos of the seven mile rail line the Museum plans to purchase with your support.

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Your contribution is tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law.

For Internal Revenue Service purposes, the Frederick & Pennsylvania Line Railroad Museum is a 501(c)3 non-profit Maryland Corporation. The F&PL RR Museum Federal Tax ID Number: 47-4520548

The museum can accept direct or mail in donations from these States Maryland, Delaware, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Montana, Nebraska, Ohio, South Dakota, Texas, Vermont, Wyoming. 

We can now accept internet donations with credit or debit cards from all 50 States via our

Proper donation documentation will be provided by the Museum.

For more information contact Ray Soderberg, President

I'm glad to speak with you anytime or meet you at your convenience. 240-293-2200 or