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1927 Pennsylvania Railroad Map

The museum focus is on the highlighted portion on the left. Frederick to the Pennsylvania line

The Museum’s educational & charitable mission is to preserve historic railroad assets including seven miles of the former PRR Frederick Secondary rail line and related property and equipment in the Walkersville, Woodsboro area in Frederick County, MD

To educate the public on the history and historic significance of the rail line between Frederick, Walkersville and Woodsboro, MD and surrounding historical buildings and other important sites. We also intend to foster a deeper understanding and appreciation for Frederick County’s railroad, agricultural and industry heritage beginning in the 1870's.  Some of the Museum’s activities will include:

  • Operate a non profit museum organization, focused on the railroad and communities in  Frederick County, Maryland. 
  • Maintain a collection of artifacts, documents, photographs, rolling stock and physical assets related to the PRR railroad and surrounding business enterprises.
  • Share PRR and other railroad and community history and stories across the nation via our virtual museum platforms.
  • Work with and assist local preservation partners and the community in operating and maintaining a safe, government compliant and historically accurate railroad line.
  • Collaborate with other historic preservation organizations, museums and railroads in Maryland and other States on exhibits, educational, research and preservation projects.
  • Schedule special events and tours to educate the public and promote appreciation of the historic rail line, other historic sites and the local culture in Frederick County communities.
  • Provide support and technical assistance to other community service organizations and history, preservation groups in Frederick County area and beyond.



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