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1927 Pennsylvania Railroad Map

The original Frederick and Pennsylvania Line RR is highlighted in yellow.

Maryland Taxpayer funded bridge and track work, 2014 & 2015

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The Museum’s educational & charitable mission is to preserve and interpret historic railroad assets including seven miles of the former PRR Frederick Secondary rail line and related property and equipment in the Walkersville, Woodsboro area in Frederick County, MD

The seven mile RR purchase project is paused, see below for details.

However we continue to do other great, important projects, including....

To educate the public on the history and historic significance of the rail line between Frederick, Walkersville, Woodsboro, MD and the Pennsylvania State line including surrounding historical buildings and other important sites. We also intend to foster a deeper understanding and appreciation for Frederick County’s railroad, agricultural and industry heritage beginning in the 1870's. 

Some of the other ongoing Museum organization activities include:

  • Operate a non profit organization, focused on railroads and the communities and industries served.
  • Maintain a collection of artifacts, documents, photographs, rolling stock and physical assets related to the PRR railroad and surrounding business enterprises.
  • Share PRR and other railroad and community history and stories across the nation via our virtual museum platforms, this web site and Facebook, Youtube etc.
  • Assist other preservation partners with technical and engineering support.
  • Collaborate with other historic preservation organizations, museums and railroads in any State on exhibits, educational, research, business/operations planning and preservation projects.
  • Schedule special events, exhibits and tours to educate the public and promote appreciation of the historic rail lines and other historic sites.



UPDATE on our seven mile railroad preservation project in Maryland.

In early October 2017, FPL Museum was notified that the Maryland Department of Transportation (MDOT) has issued a new 56 month lease, in a non competitive manner, to the current tourist train operator of the Frederick track. Good for the current operator, not so good for us or Maryland taxpayers. 

We are very disappointed with the actions of MDOT given that for almost 18 months of regular contact, MDOT had said there were no negotiations or decisions regarding the future status of the rail line. A few months ago, the State stated again, no plans were in place and they understood FPL Museum was interested in competing for either the purchase or lease of the line at the end of the current lease in September 2018. Additionally. MDOT said in writing they would keep us in the loop to any developments or changes, they did not.

Background: We started this non profit organization in July 2015 after two  MDOT managers, during an informal meeting at the subject railroad, asked Ray for a "commercial value" offer to purchase the seven mile rail line. At the time, the current operator said they were not interesting in purchasing the property and MDOT said it did not want to hold the property any longer. 

It appears MDOT has not been forthcoming to us for an extended period of time and negotiating with a single party behind closed doors, not open or transparent. We are currently investigating what actions or remedy we have available.

FYI, the new lease is charging the current operator only $1.00 for all 56 months. We think that is far from representing commercial value. It's also not fiscally responsible to the taxpayers of Maryland as this rail line has received over $1M of taxpayer dollars in the past four years to keep it operational. We will post more information as soon as it becomes available.

Thank you to all our followers and supporters, we'll keep moving forward and helping other organizations meet their goals regardless of what happens with the Frederick County track.

Ray & Mike