A Virtual Railroad Museum?

We don't have a building full of artifacts, displays etc, not yet. Frankly we may never have a big brick and mortar home like many other museums, halls of history, conservation institutions, what ever you want to call them. Most are great places, others need help. Today it's tough for many museums with expensive overhead to survive. In 2017, at least three railroad museums and tourist railroads in the U. S. closed for good. Besides the financial matters, museums and tourist railroads must overcome other challenges to success including attracting regular visitors, reliable volunteers and properly managing communication to the general public and State and Federal regulatory agencies. 

We have been working this non profit organization project for just over four years. Our first goal was and is preservation of a seven mile PRR rail line in Maryland. While we don't have ownership of the line (yet) it is preserved and should be safe for at least another two years. We are keeping an eye on it and the State DOT for further developments and opportunities. Along this journey, we have been asked to help other organizations with different types of assistance. Some of the assistance we have provided include research, document review and production, internet content creation, social media, engineering support and more. It s been very rewarding and we are currently working on several new projects which we will announce soon as details and progress emerge. Further, we are working on research and exhibit projects with two Maryland museums and will soon announce activities in which the public may participate.

FPL Museum has also produced and shared dozens of short history stories on our Facebook page: www.facebook.com/pennsyrailroad.com 

People apparently appreciate what we have produced and shared as we have more the 11,000 followers, thanks!

More short stories and photos on railroad history to come.

We have also written and placed over 30 research projects on Wikipedia. The Frederick & Pennsylvania Line Railroad, Little Pipe Creek Bridge, John A. Haydon (engineer, explorer, civil war veteran), Baltimore, Chesapeake and Atlantic Railway just to name a few. Wikipedia is great but not the total solution for all the material we can collect and archive. It's also not a complete solution for some of the stories we produce.

So the challenge today is we and other history organizations have lots of information and a growing collection of photographs and documents without an easily accessible and searchable site to archive the information. A site that is available to everyone, anywhere at anytime. 

We are considering embarking on a new project, a Virtual Railroad Museum.

A place where one can visit without leaving where you are now. 

Use your phone, laptop, tablet or computer to access research, photos

maps and more. Quick easy access to a lot of railroad history material including

links to other organizations and the materials they hold. We are also considering

collaboration with other internet based organizations and databases.

What do you think? We want to hear your comments and thoughts.

Write us at. Ray@fplmusuem.org or Mike@fplmuseum.org

‚ÄčAs first small step into this potential new adventure, we present 313 of the Pennsylvania Railroad subsidiaries. After several months of research and cross checking the information from several sources including archives, libraries and PRR corporate records, we believe this list is near 100% accurate. Over the next few months we will add links to the PRR companies where we create or find online history resources related to each company. So keep checking here or our Facebook page.  Enjoy!

Click Here: Pennsylvania Railroad and Subsidiaries