Early American Civil Engineers, explorers, builders of Railroads and Equipment

John A. Haydon  significant contributor to early American railroading

Joseph S. Gitt  Civil Engineer, railroad builder

Leonard H. Eicholtz Railroad and Civil Engineer

Thomas Seabrook PRR Railroad Civil Engineer

Patrick H. Irwin Civil Engineer and surveyor for several eastern railroads, Mayor Westminster, MD

John M. Fessenden Railroad Civil Engineer

Charles H. Sharman Railroad Civil Engineer, Union Pacific, transcontinental railroad.

Calvin L. Fulton Railroad and Canal surveyor, civil engineer

Charles Edward Trail Early Frederick County, MD landowner, Businessman and politician

Henry Roe Campbell  Early American locomotive designer and builder, surveyor and civil engineer. 

List of Union Pacific Civil Engineers Transcontinental Railroad (1863-1869)

Railroad Bridges and Structures

Monocacy River Bridge and Viaduct Frederick County, MD

Little Pipe Creek Bridge and Viaduct Carroll County, MD

Tuscarora Creek Bridge Frederick County, MD


Mount Olivet Cemetery Frederick, MD


Schuylkill and Susquehanna Navigation company construction in 1793-1794 Photo

1976 ASCE DLW Tunkhannock plaque Photo

1990 NRHS DLW Tunkhannock plaque Photo

1916 ICC shot of Frederick MD Water Tower, East st Photo

ASCE NHCEL Pennsylvania- Kinzua Bridge ASCE plaque Photo

Engineers of U.P.R.R. at the laying Of the Last Rail Promontory Photo

1860 Haydon map of City of Nashville and Edgefield‚Äč Map

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Pennsylvania RR water tank, Keymar, MD 1916